Friday, August 23, 2019

Environment Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9500 words

Environment Management - Essay Example Now environment watch agencies call upon the companies to make an 'environment audit' along with their annual financial figures. In fact, a 'green business' is not only good for the environment and humanity but good for business's bottom line as well, because it gives an opportunity to the enterprise for managing the waste, cutting costs on wasteful expenditure, conserving energy and preserving the natural balance. This results in; Care of environment is not a 'project' in isolation, it has to be a mission and the zeal must be seen in all parts of business right from constructing the building to the final output packaging and transportation etc. Globalization has also necessitated the need for uniformity in dealing with regulations concerning environment. Now encouragement is given to industries, which favor gas over coal and oil, as it lessens the possibility of acid rain and ozone layer depletion. Environmental regulations are being accordingly changed with a futuristic view on sustainable development and safeguarding environment (Bishop et al, 1994) According to the Manual for Managing a Responsible Business Enterprise (RBE) in emerging market economies, prepared by the US Department of Commerce (2004), an RBE is characterized by responsible business conduct at four different levels of its identity as an enterprise. These four levels are: 1. Compliance with the law 2. Risk management 3. Reputation enhancement 4. Value added to the community This conduct is determined by the business conduct of its owners, managers, employees, agents and other stakeholders of the company. The businesses operate within a complex system of interests and influences. Stakeholders all have power, someone has a formal power invested in a position of authority or it could be the social power of being able to persuade others to support or oppose the policies of the company. Therefore, these stakeholders play a crucial role in devising ethical functioning for the company. At times, companies tend to pass on a product whose use might damage the environment, stating that they are resorting to such sales owing to market demands. But, the customer asks for the product only because s/he hasn't sent the alternative product yet. Since the tried and tested product has been offering value for money, fulfilling the needs, therefore there is a demand for it. But once the alternative is there and customer is allowed to compare the features and values, s/he m ight be willing to pay for it as well. Peter Drucker (1986) the management guru said, "It is the customer who determines what a business is. For, it is the customer and he alone through being willing to pay for a good or service, converts economic resources into wealth, things into goods." Corporate governance structures and styles vary in the environment they

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